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You might be a little confused as to why this product features on this website but if you have ever done a class with us you'll know why we use it all the time. This useful 'handle' is used generally by people who struggle to pull themselves out of the bath or lower themselves onto the toilet. However, it also works great for holding onto your ruler when cutting fabric with a rotary cutter. It eases the strain put on your wrist and elbow while keeping your fingers a safe distance away from your blade. There is a 'proper' quilter's grip you can buy from other shops and shows for £20 but it is EXACTLY the same as this gadget. At more than half the price, we can't argue.
Patchwork Ruler Grip / Bathroom Handle
Packs of 100 sewing pins in pastel colours in a choice of bows or buttons.
Sewing Pins - Bows and Buttons
Quilter's Clips are handy little things when you need an alternative to pins. When sewing oilcloth, canvas and leather. They are especially good when binding a quilt or attaching handles to bags.
Quilter's Clips - Light Pink, Rose and Multi
The Tilda 'Cottage Collection' quilt pattern to make this beautiful quilt with pieced houses and trees.
Tilda 'Cottage Collection' Quilt Pattern
"Fall in love with this heartfelt sewing pattern collection from fabric designer Tone Finnanger.
Tilda 'Sewing By Heart' book by Tone Finnanger
Tilda's Winter Delights by Tone Finnanger.
Tilda's Winter Delights Book
Our gift vouchers can be used for everything in the shop including: fabric, tools, accessories, gifts and even our classes. A wonderful gift for any crafter. Choose your amount from the drop-down menu.
Gift Voucher
Beautiful 100% cotton fabric from Tilda. Perfect for patchwork and quilting, crafting and dressmaking.
TILDA 'Sweetheart' - Sewn Spot Dove Blue