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Fresh from the land of crocs and sunshine come the design sensibilities of Anni Downs. 'To The Zoo' mixes Anni's iconic handdrawn designs with a fresh, home friendly colour palette.
'To The Zoo' - zoo print
9 Fat quarters (20" x 21") from the 'Bake Sale 2' range.
'Bake Sale 2' 9 Fat Quarter Fabric Bundle
10 Fat Quarter (20" x 21") bundle of coordinating 'Bake Sale 2' fabrics.
'Bake Sale 2' 10 Fat Quarter Fabric Bundle
A panel to make a doll which will be loved for many years. Instructions included on panel. Choose from Sam or Susie or both for just £12.
'Sunny Boy Sam' and 'Sunny Bonnet Susie' DOLL PANELS
Set includes: Thread Snippers, 4" Micro Tip Scissors, 5" Embroidery Hobby Scissors and 8" Bent Scissors. A great selection to get started or to add to your collection.
Hemline 4-piece Cutting Set
7 Fat Eighths (10" x 21"): Boogie Flower Dove White, Lemontree Plum, Lemonade Green, Hummingbird Plum, Flowerfield Red, Boogie Flower Blue, Mosaics Green.
TILDA 'Lemon Tree' Fat Eighths Bundle
6 Fat Eighths (10" x 21"): Lemonade Ginger, Lemontree Yellow, Flowerfield Yellow, Boogie Flower Red, Boogie Flower Green, Mosaics Red
TILDA 'Lemon Tree' Fat Eighths Bundle
5 Fat Quarters (20" x 21"): Lemontree Yellow, Boogie Flower Green, Lemonade Ginger, Lemonade Green, Flowerfield Yellow
TILDA 'Lemon Tree' Fabric Bundle
5 Fat Quarters (20" x 21"): Mosaics Green, Lemontree Plum, Hummingbird Plum, Boogie Flower Dove White, Boogie Flower Blue.
TILDA 'Lemon Tree' Fabric Bundle
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