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Finally, we have had the news we’ve all been waiting for, WE CAN RE-OPEN!

From Tuesday 16th June we will be open every day (Tuesday to Saturday) from 9.30am until 2pm. We will be following strict government guidelines for keeping our environment, customers and ourselves safe and keeping to social distancing rules.

The new normal:

- Although we will be open every day “as normal” (Tuesday to Saturday), you will see our opening hours will be reduced (9.30am - 2pm). We will keep a close eye on whether we will need to adjust this so if you’re unsure, please contact us before your visit.

- We will only allow 2 customers at any time. Luckily our shop is large enough to comfortably accommodate 2 customers at any one time and still adhere to social distancing rules. We hope you will understand and not mind waiting outside until one of us allows you in.

-There will be hand sanitiser by the door and we will ask all of our customers to use this upon entering the shop.

- We would also like everyone to wear a facemask. We know the rulings have not been very clear about the use of these but we believe that by the time non-essential shops are allowed to open again, the government will enforce everyone to wear a mask in public. Most of you have been busy making them anyway so it’ll be a great opportunity to show off your hard work. For anyone who doesn’t have one, we will have them by the front door but unfortunately, we will have to charge for them.

-Our classes will not be resuming until the government says it is safe to do so. For now, they are still postponed and we will be in contact with everyone signed up as soon as we can re-start them.

We know many of you are itching to get back to Sew Sisters and your regular classes but unfortunately, it would prove impossible to keep a safe distance. Once we are used to the ‘new normal’ we can maybe start some of our smaller classes or allow small Sew Sister groups. We know how important it is for you to get the social aspect of sewing back so we will do our best.

Please be assured that we will be doing everything within our power to keep you safe and hope that visiting our shop will be, once again, a fun experience. We will be wearing face masks as well as disinfecting all tools and wiping down surfaces and handles on a regular basis for your safety as well as ours. We have also installed a ‘sneeze guard’ (big plastic screen) at the till for extra protection. We understand that going from complete lockdown to this eased lockdown can be stressful and many of you may not feel up to it straight away. If this is the case, you can still continue to order from us online or via email. We can post items or organise a collection slot.

We hope everyone is safe, healthy and we cannot wait to see you all again soon!

Myriam and Sunny, the Material Girls.

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Here we like to share the exciting news of offers, events, workshops, and new fabrics.

Here at ‘Serendipity’, we sell a huge variety of fabrics from MODA, Makower, STOF and Riley Blake to our favourite; Tilda. We stock many prints as well as plains and blenders, panels, linen blends, calicoes, and extra-wide backing fabrics. We have a large selection of waddings, interfacings, rulers, quilting stencils and patterns as well as notions which include scissors, needles, pins, fabric marking tools and many many more. We haven’t even mentioned our button table!



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‘Sew Sisters’ is your chance to use our lovely spacious workroom to work on your own projects without any of the usual distractions of home while in a social environment. Help and advice is offered where needed and if the shop isn’t too busy. Our ‘Sew Sister’ sessions are on every week and dates are shown in our Brochure.


Many people simply don’t have the space to layer-up (sandwiching the quilt top, wadding/ batting and backing fabric together) a quilt at home resulting in aching backs and knees, frustration and a puckered quilt. Why not let us do all of that for you?! With the use of our lovely big table, 2 pairs of hands and a handy gadget called a ‘Micro-Stitch’ we quickly and easily layer your quilt without you having to put any effort in.

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Shop: Serendipity - Patchwork and Quilting

56 Fore Street

Bovey Tracey


TQ13 9AE

Phone: 01626 836246


Opening Hours: Tue - Sat: 10:00 - 16:30

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