Patchwork & Quilting


Many people simply don’t have space to layer-up (sandwiching the quilt top, wadding/ batting and backing fabric together) a quilt at home resulting in aching backs and knees, frustration and a puckered quilt. Why not let us do all of that for you?! With the use of our lovely big table, 2 pairs of hands and a handy gadget called a ‘Micro-Stitch’ we quickly and easily layer your quilt without you having to put any effort in. Simply drop your quilt top, wadding/batting and backing fabric off with us and we’ll let you know when it’s ready to be picked up. You can then go home and enjoy quilting your masterpiece.

To make things even easier, we sell a large variety of top-quality wadding/batting suitable for various projects as well as extra-wide fabrics specially made for backing quilts.

We aim to layer all quilts as quickly as possible but we recommend to leave at least 5 working days. However, special time requests can be accommodated.

Please see our price list below:


Cot Quilt (up to 40” x 40”) … £10

Lap Quilt (up to 60” x 60”) … £15

Single Bed Quilt (Approx. 50” x 80”) … £15

Double Quilt ( Approx. 80” x 80” or smaller) … £20

King Size Quilt ( Approx. 90” x 90”) … £25

Anything larger than 90” … £30

If you buy your Backing Fabric and Wadding from us, you will receive a £5 discount on the Layering-up. This applies to quilts of 80” and upwards.