Welcome to the Serendipity website…

Sew Sisters is your chance to use our lovely spacious workroom to work on your own projects without any of the usual distractions of home while in a social environment. Help and advice is offered where needed if the shop isn’t too busy.

We can accommodate 6 Sew Sisters at a time so speedy booking is advised. We are still closing at 2pm everyday so our Sew Sister sessions are from 10am – 1.30pm at a cost of £7. Free tea, coffee and biscuits included.


Dates are as follows:

Tuesdays: 2nd Nov, 7th Dec

Wednesdays : 13th Oct,  10th Nov, 15th Dec

Thursdays : 21st Oct, 18th Nov, 9th Dec, 16th Dec

Fridays : 29th Oct, 26th Nov

 Please book by email or by phone.