Patchwork & Quilting

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Sew Sisters is your chance to use our lovely spacious workroom to work on your own projects without any of the usual distractions of home while in a social environment. Help and advice is offered where needed if the shop isn’t too busy.

Sew Sisters will be a little different this term. It is still a great opportunity to get on with projects you’ve been working on without the distractions of home and maybe need a little help with but we’ve seen a big decline in numbers and have therefore decided to work these sessions a little differently. Rather than having specific dates for Sew Sisters, we have decided to combine them with our classes. We can comfortable seat 8 in our workroom so if we have a class on with less than 8 students, we can fill the other seats with Sew Sisters. This actually means that we have much more flexibility with dates suitable for you. All you have to do is find a date that suits you and give us a ring or email and we’ll book you in.

Please book by email or by phone.

10am – 1.30pm £10

10am – 3.30pm £12.50 (only available on Tuesday and Fridays)

Tea, coffee and biscuits included