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Dear all

Autumn 2020

Our warmest wishes to you all for a Happy, Healthy and most of all creative New Year and New Decade.

Dear Quilters,

What a year it has been! These unprecedented times had us all experiencing serious ups and downs but it seems us quilters have come out of this pretty well. Most of us have less stash, more quilts and a new skill in making facemasks.

March saw us going into lockdown and having to close the shop; a decision that had to be made but left us wondering if we’d ever open again. Thankfully you all took this time to finish projects and start long overdue ones and ordered your supplies from us.

This really kept us afloat during the most difficult time we’ve ever faced and we are forever grateful.

Luckily we managed to open our doors again on June 16th and the shop has been wonderfully busy with familiar faces as well as brand-new ones.

We have now arrived at a ‘new normal’ and with this, we have decided to start our classes again. Most classes and courses running from March to July had been postponed so you will see these re-scheduled in this Brochure. If you were booked onto any of these you will have had an email from us already confirming new dates. If you didn’t receive this email for any reason, please let us know.

A few changes to how we have run our classes in the past:

-To comply with social distancing rules we are only running classes of5 people maximum. This means that some of our classes which were fully booked (maximum of 9) will now be spread over 2 dates. This can mean that there are now a few spaces available where there weren’t before. You will see in the Brochure how many spaces are available so make sure you book in quickly if there is something you fancy.

Please keep to your designated area as much as possible and don’t share equipment.-Everyone must wear a facemask/face covering while in the shop area and as much as possible within the workshop area. We understand that wearing a mask for a whole day is uncomfortable and there will be times where you want to have a drink/food so facemasks can be removed from time to time. Please be considerate to others. If you cannot wear a face covering for health reasons, please contact us as soon as possible.

-We are still offering free tea and coffee to everyone in the class but encourage everyone to bring their own mugs/water bottles.

-We will not be able to lend out any of our equipment so please come prepared for your classes with everything you need. As mentioned above, please don’t share equipment.

-Lastly but also, most importantly…(this goes without saying) If you are experiencing any of the Coronavirus symptoms, please stay at home.

We will do our utmost to keep everything clean so that you feel safe and relaxed during your time in class. If you have any concerns, please get in contact.

We are very excited to get started again after all this upheaval and look forward to welcoming you back for sewing, chat and laughter.

Roger, our sewing machine mechanic will be in on Tuesday 15th September for servicing and repairs. Please book your spot by ringing us on 01626 836246or for more details.

With kindest regards from Myriam and Sunny, the Material Girls.